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2nd European Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association Conference

Andalusien 2016 

with Tuhon Rommel Tortal, Tuhon Jared Wihongi and Mandala Kit Acenas


Monday, 5. September: Arrival in Spain

Blazing sunshine - clear blue sky, this is the weather forecast for a perfect camp with Tuhon Rommel, Tuhon Jared and Mandala Kit.

This year, the camp is truly nternational: Kalistas from Spain, Austria, Singapore, France and Germany are ready to train in Andalusia.

Starting with the legendary PTPT (Pekiti Tirsia Physical Training) at 7.15am in the morning, training continues throughout the day with another lesson from 10:30 to 12:30, right after breakfast, followed by the afternoon session from 4:30 to 7:00 pm

Tuesday, 6. Sept: our first day of training (and beaching)

Starting at 7.15 am in the morning turns out to be a challenge, because daybreak just started and it´s still very dark at the beach. A lonely pocket lamp is wandering around at the beach: ok, Alexandro, our guy from Spain, has found our group.

Today blue T-shirts are dominating the beach and group photos are taken right at the beginning. 

For the lessons, we divide the over 50 participants into two groups. Rommel demonstrates Pangamut and Kit stick-and-knife techniques. 

By the way: sun protection lotion SPF50 works and taking a refresher in the Atlantic Ocean between each training session turns out to be indispensable to survive the pitiless heat.

We choose the shadowed greens behind the hotel as our location for the afternoon session and Jared teaches knife, empty hands and elbow techniques.

The bruises of our recently promoted Lakan Isa guys, who had their grading in the previous week, easily catch one’s eye.

Wednesday, 7. Sept:

The next highlight happens right at the beginning of the day: Jared pulls out his famous quadriceps burner drill and we move with knife jabs in kneeling and crawling motions through the broad expanse of the beach. Nobody was able to catch him afterwards in the “catch the Tuhon” race.

Today, we are getting lessons with the Sibat, which are also very impressive for the tourists at the beach. Rommel teaches dynamic and powerful knife basics, inserting a lot of fun for the team with his infectious laugh.

Finding of today: we definitely all know now, that white bathing trunks are getting transparent once they get wet.

Additionally, we dispel the worries of our Singaporean fighting-girl: yes, we do speak English (maybe broken, but it works) and you are more than welcome. We are getting deep insights into exciting stuff you can (legally?) buy in Singapore. Oh dear!

Thursday, 8. Sept: we have a day off !

This day is reserved for a sightseeing tour to Jerez. We visit the old city and also get a guided tour through one of the oldest Sherry wineries (Bodega) of GONZALES-BYASS, completed with Tapas and a Sherry tasting.

Absolutely amazing.

Dear Hilde, it was a great trip!

On the way back to Sancti Petri we make a short stopover in Arcos de la Frontera visiting the ancient city.

This beautiful day ends with a training session about infight techniques in the evening led by Jared and Kit.

Friday, 9. Sept:

PTPT: the next level quadriceps burner drill is on the list. The survivors are wiggling happily towards breakfast.

Later on we train in small groups: Sibat lesson with Rommel, fencing line drills with Kit and in the afternoon double stick and Karambit with Kit.

And after that -> Afterwork refreshment drinks, beach and sundown.


Saturday, 10. Sept:

The team size is slightly reduced this morning. Our Tuhon gratefully explains that this might be the case because of the previous night. Friday night is usually the night for amusement.

OK. No comments please.

The sessions of today cover fascinating Espada y Daga techniques demonstrated by Rommel and in the afternoon we divide the team into three groups including a dedicated instructor session.

Sunday, 11. Sept:

Our last day of training starts with a Happy Birthday Jared!

Miles away from home we are surprising Jared with a loudly audible Happy Birthday serenade.

Our today´s program comprises Sibat part3 with Jared and knife versus knife techniques with Rommel. The last training lesson is reserved for sparrings. In preparation for that, Kit teaches tactical hints and training methods.

Conclusion: no damages, nobody got hurt. Great job, well done.

The evening comes gradually to an end in a beautiful beach bar, which our night-club-scouts had discovered for our final event. Short reviews of the past week are summarized by our Instructors Rommel, Jared and Kit and everybody noticed that the words came directly from their hearts. 

Finally also some promotions:

Promoted to Lakan Guro: Sven Lorenz, Heiko Dernedde and Dirk Schwantes

Promoted to Guro: Stephan Wedler

Monday, 12. Sept: on the way back home

It´s not over yet, although some people had to leave already. We are coming together for a last training session at the beach.

Sadly, the time has come to leave Sancti Petri once again. A lot of positive impressions are moving everybody most at this moment and words can not express what´s in the mind, except:


(to be continued then) 

PS: Stephan: your sprint in order to reach the leaving bus, was incredible


Text: Sebastian Voll / Dirk Schwantes