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Pekiti Tirsia World Federation Trainingscamp in Kroatien

Pekiti Tirsia World Federation Trainingscamp in Kroatien

Twelve practitioners from the PTTA Germany, six from Bushido Wüstems respectively, took part in the Pekiti Tirsia World Federation training camp in Croatia under the leadership of Tuhon Rommel Tortal from July 19 – 23, 2017.

The day started early in the morning at 6 o’clock with a two-hour training session at the beach of Skradin. After a break for breakfast, we trained for another two hours until 12:00, and then again from 14:00 to 17:00.

Everything was well organized from the camp itself all the way through to the flight, transit,  the stay and the accommodation in Skradin. We felt thoroughly cared for and enjoyed the fantastic fellowship and training under Tuhon Rommel.

Even the instructors among us received tremendous new input. This of course will be followed up upon during the upcoming months during trainings at the clubs. Due to the enormous volume of new material not everything will be able to be trained and practiced, but certain key aspects, our favorites, will be train intensively. For example, the knife drills focusing on "empty hands vs. knife ", single and double stick and, of course, Dumog, the Philipino wrestling.

Dumog in Pekiti Tirsia is pure combat, thus without rules a really dirty matter".

Tuhon Rommel pointed out: "Pekiti Tirsia Dumog is full of dirty tricks".

One highlight was to be able to learn different variations of the Bali OG Pomali technique in which the opponent is brought to the ground in a truly effective and uncompromising manner! With the head first.

Tuhon Rommel: "Bali OG Pomali is one of the best bone breaking and muscle tendon destruction techniques". The most important thing in Pekiti Tirsia though is, that it is not just about techniques, but more about principles that can be applied and called off under stress.

It is important to point out the responsible and careful handling of these techniques and the training partners during practice.

After each training day, most of us enjoyed the great weather with a relaxing swim in the lake followed by a fantastic meal together. We had a wonderful time and will no doubt remember this training camp for a long time.

A first class active holiday for Tirsians