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Seminar with Tuhon Jared Wihongi on 02. + 03.09.2017 in Taunusstein

The deafening rattle of over 200 sticks filled the gym in Taunusstein on Saturday afternoon, 03 September 2017. This unusual sound had its reason: Almost 110 participants from the entire Republic, France, Belgium and even the Philippines came together this weekend to attend a Pekiti-Tirsia Kali seminar with Tuhon Jared Wihongi. It was already the 11th year in a row for Jared in which he inspired Kalistas in Germany with his training.

And this year again he offered a versatile Kali weekend. The first four-hour session on Saturday began with the footwork typical for Pekiti-Tirsia. Building on the basic “M-“pattern, Jared combined simple footsteps with strike patterns. These combinations were then varied on the basis of several tactical considerations and applied to an attacker with a stick.

Subsequently, the participants learned two different double stick strike patterns, which were intensively trained in partner exercises.

In the last seminar unit of this day, Jared focussed on "Panantukan", the "Filipino boxing". After the training of basic boxing techniques and the corresponding body mechanics, he showed simple defensive movements and ways to bring the opponent to the ground.

The special features of the seminars held in Taunusstein are not only the very good organization and the high-quality seminar content, but above all the familiar atmosphere. Every year, the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Group around Mataas na Guro Bert Gemmerich organize not only the seminar breaks, but also the common barbecue dinner in their Dojo with warm hospitality. Thanks a lot! It is always great to be your guest!

The initial topic of the second part of the seminar on Sunday was "double knife". Jared gradually built up a symmetrical knife drill. The participants could afterwards combine the building blocks freely in a subsequent partner exercise. One partner "fed" the other with different attacks, to which the latter had to react with the appropriate counter-techniques.

After another drill with only one knife, Jared showed single-stick techniques which made it possible to take down the opponent from a "clinch position". The last session of the weekend seminar focused on empty-hand exercises, in which the participants learned to tactilely pick up the movements of the partner and position themselves optimally to the opponent by smoothly changing from the outside to the inside line and back. After the end of the seminar, Tuhon Jared Wihongi received a special gift from Agalon Johannes Renninghoff for his many years of dedicated teaching in Germany. The participants thanked Jared for another fruitful seminar and also Johannes and Bert for the excellent organization with a warm and long-lasting applause. After the salutation, the certificates were given to those Kalistas who had passed the annual grading on Thursday and Friday. Four of our members from Göttingen took part in the grading and were awarded the following graduations in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali:

  • Noel Parlow - Yakan Dalawa
  • Ralf Joachim - Yakan Tatlo
  • Marcel Bremerich - Lakan Isa
  • Steffen Blickle - Lakan Tatlo

We would like to congratulate all candidates and want to emphasize the Lakan Tatlo graduation of Steffen Blickle: The grading for the Lakan Tatlo is the last one in the curriculum of the PTTA and is often compared by Jared Wihongi to the black belt in other martial arts.